Mr Roslan bin Hj Ibrahim

General Manager (Operation)

Mr Roslan Ibrahim joined the team in April 2003 as a supervisor before being appointed as Branch Manager in April 2008. In May 2014, he took up the role of General Manager overseeing outlets under Tuuu…Dia Pak Tam brand with over 300 employees.
Mr Roslan Ibrahim holds over 16 years of experience in F&B line involving restaurant set up and managing daily operation of various café, restaurant and catering event. He also had over 10 years of technical experience in aviation prior to joining Pak Tam Katering Sdn. Bhd.

Mrs Aniza binti Shamdin

Manager (Human Resources)

Mrs Aniza Shamdin has joined Pak Tam Katering Sdn Bhd in May 2012 as a Human Resources Executive and being appointed as a Human Resources Manager in April 2014. Mrs Aniza is responsible to maintain, develop and ensuring compliance of Human Resources policies, employee career development and successor planning as well as recruitment (foreign and local talent).
Mrs Aniza graduated from University Science Malaysia in Bachelor in Biological Science in 1997 and had over 15 years of administration experience in retailing pharmaceutical business prior to joining Pak Tam Katering Sdn Bhd.

Mr Mohd Rahmat bin Mohd Halim

Senior Manager (Supply Chain Management and Quality Assurance)

Started his career with Besta Food Sdn. Bhd in Feb, 2002 and later joined Juara Saji Sdn. Bhd. in Feb 2005, Mr Mohd Rahmat has a career that span over 20 years in F&B industry. Throughout his career, Mr Mohd Rahmat hold the expertise in the expertise F&B Purchasing, Hospitality training, SOP preparation and Quality assurance, Outlet Cost set up projection as well as managing Tuuu…Dia Pak Tam outlets as a Branch Manager.
Currently hold the position as Senior Manager of Supply Chain and Quality Assurance division Mr Mohd Rahmat is the driving force behind Tuuu…Dia Pak Tam brand expansion including the execution of Kampung Perkahwinan FITEC and also Tuuu…Dia Pak Tam Food Truck. Mr Mohd. Rahmat Bin Mohd. Halim graduated from University Institute. Technology MARA in Bsc (Hons) in Food and Services Management in 2001.

Mrs Nor Izyan binti Hj Ruslin

Senior Manager (Account and Finance)

Mrs Nor Izyan Hj Ruslin was appointed as Managing Director for Pak Tam Katering in 2008. Mrs Nor Izyan is responsible to steer the company direction towards providing a complete catering solutions to Pak Tam Katering customers through the birth of Tuuu…Dia Pak Tam Food Truck and also Kampung Perkahwinan under Tuuu…Dia Pak Tam brand. Mrs Nor Izyan also is the driving force behind the company transformation in terms of upgrading the image and branding as well as service quality. Mrs Nor Izyan graduated with Dip. In Accounting and knowledge in Business Transformation and Innovation Studies.
Mrs Nor Izyan Ruslin graduated from Kolej IKIP in Accounting Technology Management in 2006.