Our Story

Affectionately known as ‘Pak Tam Lima Ringgit’ for his ability to run his business on a transportation fuel of RM5 daily, Pak Tam has had his fair share of challenges in growing the business. Since the 80s, our businesses have been able to diversify our range of products and services into catering, mart, bakery, food delivery, OEM services, as well as training food manufacturers and entrepreneurs in F&B.

Passion for food is in Pak Tam’s family’s DNA. Along with his wife and six children, Pak Tam and his family diligently manage Sirah Heritage Holdings Sdn Bhd and its four limited liabilities companies; Juara Saji Sdn Bhd, Jalinan Madu Sdn Bhd, Pak Tam Katering Sdn Bhd and Halia Bara Sdn Bhd. With over 30 years of experience, our companies are committed to serve the Malaysian F&B market and soon, globally.

Our Vision is to be the leading Food & Beverages solutions provider to food entities and consumers across the industries.

Our Mission

Pak Tam aims to optimise each division ranging from catering, bakeries, dining experience, food delivery, mart and its central production unit to provide top to bottom services to its various stakeholders.

Our Core Values


We are committed to providing food prepared with utmost safety, cleanliness and quality control in mind.


We are serious in maintaining a win-win long term relationship with all of its stakeholders.


We are committed to practicing transparency, professionalism and integrity towards its employees, vendors and customers.


We hold ourselves accountable and responsible for any action engaged by our brands and employees.

Restaurant & Cafe

Serving food from our centralised production unit, Pak Tam’s quality control ensures its ingredients are fresh and safe for consumption. Our recipe is designed by Pak Tam’s own son, Muhammad Haziq Hazwan Bin Hj. Ruslin, a culinary chef who’s also a bronze medallist at the Culinary World Cup 2018.

Pak Tam Mart

With a large presence nationwide, our marts have items such as fresh produce, cooking and baking supplies, household items and everyday essentials constantly replenished to meet the consumers’ and wholesalers’ need at affordable prices.

Pak Tam Bakeri

Over 100 recipes designed and developed by one of Pak Tam’s daughters; Pak Tam Bakeri’s menu contains just about any pleasantries, the sweet and savoury one can think of. From buns, sausages, sandwiches, puffs, tarts, rolls, danish desserts, cakes and Pak Tam’s breads, we’ll spoil you with tons and buns of choices!

Pak Tam Katering

With over three decades of experience and expertise in the food business, Pak Tam under its catering division, aims to deliver an enriching, tasty and satisfying experience to clients. Halal certified and with a group of professionals in our team ready to meet your customized needs, we cater to personal and corporate events. Give us a call, we love to hear from you!

Deli 2 Go

Pak Tam does delivery too! From food delivery of selected Pak Tam’s outlets to a list of Pak Tam items available online, your purchases and deliveries are just a few clicks away.


Phase 1


Pak Tam starts selling mee rebus and rojak pasembor under a tree at the Selayang Segar Flat.


Pak Tam enters the Taman Selayang Baru and Bukit Bintang Tourism Market. 

Phase 2


Pak Tam incorporates Juara Saji Sdn Bhd.


Pak Tam starts offering catering and corporate services.

Phase 3


Pak Tam opens its first hospital cafe, in Hospital Melaka.


Pak Tam opens its first RnR cafe, located in RnR Tapah Utara.

Phase 4


Pak Tam produces its house brands, which include Pak Tam 3 in 1 Sachet Drinks and Roti Pak Tam.


Pak Tam restructures into four Sdn Bhd companies.